What's FAST-MANGA.com
Nowadays, many people, regardless of age and gender, enjoy themselves in watching Manga and Anime created by Japanese.
However, it may not be easy to order those Japanese Manga Artist to draw original Manga. Even if you find one, you may feel difficult to contact with Japanese artist, because most of them don't speak English.
FAST-MANGA.com is the solution for those companies / indivisuals who are looking for a Genuine Manga/Anime Artist.
You can easily find suitable artist on your project and you are able to contact with them in English.

We introduce wide range of talents, from professionals to students. So that you can choose an Artist(s) suit to your budget. Check past projects now!

You can hire, have meetings, pay with full transration online service. Get qualified manga quick and easy, much faster than asking your local artists!

What kind of manga do you need? Select suitable taste from more than 400 artists and get manga or illustrations upon your request.

It's So Easy! How to use FAST-MANGA.com

There are two ways to select an artist. One way is to search profile, the other is to post your requirement and get quotations.

Select Artist from database
1.Select Artist

Compare profiles, works, pricings, and evaluations of artists, and select an artist(s).

2.Submit your requirement

Submit your requirement, budget and scheduling.

Even if you are not used to order manga, artist will understand what you want by inputting our form.

Get quotes from artists
1.Submit your requirement

Once you submit your requirement, budget and scheduling, registered artists will be notified by email.

If you feel difficulty on finding suitable artist from our database, we recommend you to get quotes from artists.

2.Compare quotes

Artists, who want to work for you, will send you quotes, works, and proposals.

Have meetings with artists

Negotiate with the artist about fee, scheduling, terms of copyright of the project. You can use machine translation and humantranslation system on the meeting.
*If the condition does not reconcile with the artist absolutely, you can also ask the other artist, or cancel the project.

4.Give instructions

You can give the artist instructions on online board meeting system, "Project Room". You can send messages, upload files, and approve deliverable.

5.Pay and deliver

Until the artist deliver the work, pay fee using Paypal. Once your payment has been processed, you can receive the deliverable.


FAST-MANGA.com is run by F-Plat, Inc., which provides one of Japan's favorite cloud-sourcing sites, FASTDESIGN (Japanese site). FASTDESIGN has been used by over 3,000 companies / indivisuals since 2006. We proud of that 98%(*) of our customers are satisfied what we provide.

*The rate of customers who answered "Very satisfied" or "Satisfied" to the Satisfaction Questionnaire.

See what our customers say about FASTDESIGN!

You can select suitable one from lots of artists!

This service made our business and marketing wide spread, because of it's various artists. - Total soft, Inc. (Website provider)

Although we have been produce ads by few artists who we know, I think FASTDESIGN will enable us to propose our client in better way. - Anonymity (Advertising agency)

Easy to use even if you are new to this service!

This was first time for me to use FASTDESIGN. I'm totally satisfied what I've got, thanks to Support team's help. I'm sure I will use this again. - LUCE (Dining bar)

I could easily understand how to use, even though I'm a beginner. - Anonymity (Nail salon)

You can use in the way for your convenience.

Even though we run a tiny business and our budget is limited, talented artists enable us to create original design. - Chura foods, Inc. (Food sales)

I made contact with artist whenever I have time, like night time, so that I could use my time effectively. - Hokuto wind, Inc. (Camera surveillance system)

Helpful support

Although I sent lots of email to Support team, they answered my questions politely and completely every time. - Kansai Nomura Industry, Inc. (Food packaging)

We are grateful that Support team helped us quickly and politely. - Manmare, Inc. (Leather accessories production and sale)

See what other customers say
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