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Get Quotations

If you feel difficulty on finding suitable artist on Profile Search or Work Search, we recommend you to get quotes from artists using Estimation Request. Your Estimation Request proceeds on FASTDESIGN.

Send requirement

1.Send requirement

  1. Submit your requirement, budget and scheduling.Even if you are not used to order manga, artists will understand what you want by inputting our original form.
  2. Once we receive your requirement, artists, who want to work for you, will send you quotes, works, and proposals.
    Of course, it's absolutely free to contact our manga artists untill they actually do their job.
Submit your requirement

Compare quotations

2.Compare quotations

  1. We will get back to you with quotes and profiles of artists within three days.
  2. Compare quotes and access to profile page of artists you are interested in.
  3. If you find a Artist(s) who you think is suitable to you project, click "Contact me" button and send your requirement to the Artist.
    You can contact to multiple Artists simultaneously and decide which one to order after interview with them.
  4. Once we receive your requirement, the Artist will get back to you within 24hrs.
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