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Your Project proceeds in the Project Room on FASTDESIGN. On Project Room, you can contact with Creator directly, and exchange contracts, documentations, reports, approvements under certain rules.
All the message can be translated using both machine translation and human translation, so that you can contact with Japanese Artists very easily.
Time and price for translation

Project Room - Negotiate

1.Negotiate terms with the Creator

  1. Input your request to make a Project Room.
  2. Visit Project Room from the email we send you or Project List in your Dashboard.
  3. Tell your request to the Creator and discuss work descriptions, schedule, and work roles between you and the Creator.
    At this point, usually the Creator don't start to work because it is not officially placed an order. If the Creator agrees, you can ask to draw rough sketches and use it as reference for decision making.

Project Room - Quotation Approvement

2.The Creator provide the Quotation.

  1. You will be notified by email when the Creator provide the Quotation based on the discussion.
  2. Approve or reject th Quotation in the Project Room.
  3. You can officially place the order by approving the Quotation and confirm your contact information.
Cancelling the officially ordered Project

Project Room - Work direction

3. Work direction, payment

  1. the Creator start to work based on the approved Quotation. You may tell appropriate request durling the Creator works.
  2. Please pay the fee by Credit Card, Store Payment, or Bank Transfer, until the Creator finally delivers. You can also apply for Monthly Billing Payment.
  3. The Creator apply for additional fee when you ask additional work which is not discussed before you place the order. You can approve(or reject) it on the Project Rooom.
  4. The Creator apply for counting up revision number of times when he/she recognize that he/she revise one time. And when you approve counting up, the number of revision times will be actually counted up. After the number of revision times exceed the limited number, specific additional fee will be charged on each revision.

Project Room - Inspection


  1. The Creator apply for inspection request when the Creator complete the deliver.
  2. Check the deliverable whether there are no mistake. When you find no mistake, approve the deliverables in the Project Room.
    If you find any mistake on the deliverables, or the inspection deadline is too short for you, ask for revisions on the Project Room. When you ask for revision, the inspection request will be cancelled.
  3. When you approve the deliverables in the Project Room, the Project will be completed.

Project Room - Review

5.Review the Project and the Creator

  1. When you complete the Project, you can post a review on the Project and the Creator. If you permit us to put introduce the Project on [Past Projects], design and illustrations will be shown to tens of thousands of people and your product or service will be effectively remembered by those people.
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