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  • Ext_medium_79631

    Kashiwagi RenUSD250/an image
    privateI'm Kashiwagi Ren, a illustrator and a designer. I mainly take offers of illustrations, animations, character design. My profession is drawing illustrations of cute Moe-style girls, pop deformed characters (Short characters). I can draw wide variety of illustration style, such as shiny CG, watercolor and oil painting like picture books. I can deliver in vector format such as swf, ai... I will accept no matter men's...

Past Projects

  • Small_tcg___

    TRPG character design, illustrationsUS$JPY16 (Tax Included)
    Client:Personal(Doctor, Nurse)
    Artist:3-leaf Minoru-To create the illustration purpose / summary: (detailed) How do you do. TRPG for the troupe Manager Iraq want to thank Drawing Center and submitted your request. So completely original character, ...

  • Small__________________________

    Super original character illustration used in Board production requestUS$JPY10 (Tax Included)
    Client:Personal(Part Time Employee)
    Artist:And Fumi-To create the illustration purpose / summary: (detailed) We draw the illustrations of the original characters used by certain minor Board Super thread. So decide see illustration detailed settings ...

  • Small___

    Try drawing the cover of the novelUS$JPY6,480 (Tax Included)
    Artist:Metropolitan-To create the illustration purpose / summary: (detailed) On DLsite sold in our format.  -Output file specification:  File format: JPEG  Size and specifications: 560px×420px 100px×100px 50px×50px ...

  • Small___

    イラストUS$JPY5,400 (Tax Included)
    Artist:小原まなみ●イラストを作成する目的/概要:(できるだけ詳しく) pptに貼り付けて使用 ●納品ファイルの仕様:  ファイル形式:  サイズ・仕様:  点数:1 ●支給可能な資料: 添付ファイル。 ●その他クリエイターへのコメント: イラストの一番右は、「白人」に、アメリカの白人のイメージで。真ん中が「日本人」に、日本人のイメージで。。一番左は新興国で、食べ物が少ない黄色人種とし...

  • Small_______5_________________

    Illustrations of the charactersUS$Private
    Artist:朝橋 soup-To create the illustration purpose / description: for our personal viewing. Please Bernadette Rivière illustrations. Is a character of the infant body has grown a little bit like adults, also a h...

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